Branding Through PeopleTM
Brands are made by people, for people. Your people – their Appearance, Action and Attitude, or 3As in short – are the crucial link between your corporate brand strategy and the lives of your customers. All brands need to be experienced, and humanizing your brand is the key to successful branding. Let Imageworks help to empower you and your people to breathe life into your brands.
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Established in 1995, Imageworks is a well-respected image consultancy whose founder is one of only ten AICI Certified Image Masters in the world, and the first in Asia. Named "a true leader of the image industry" and winner of the prestigious Jane Segerstrom International Award in 2007, Imageworks is committed to positively impact lives and deliver noticeable results for client organisations.  
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The “Last Mile” in Your Brand Strategy

At the heart of brand asset management is how organisations can drive profits more effectively through their people. Are you and your people consistent with your brand? Do employees look, communicate and conduct business like your industry's best representatives? It is amazing how corporations sometimes invest so much in creating a brand on paper and yet fail to execute well in the final stages to realize their strategy. Imageworks bridges the gap by providing the “last mile” to enable your organization’s brand strategy implementation, through personal branding, grooming, etiquette, networking and service excellence training and consultancy.

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